Past Litters

We love watching our puppies grow up and enjoying life with their forever families.  Here you will find a few photos of some of our past litters.  We gladly offer references if needed.

| Harley & Lola

Harley and Lola had a beautiful litter of eleven light and dark golden pups in 2019.  We are so blessed that all of these babies went to the most wonderful homes!  We love receiving updates about each of them!

| Jack & Violet

9 Beauties | 6/28/22

Jack and Violet welcomed nine beautiful babies on June 28, 2022.  These little sweeties were such a joy during their time with us and were full of personality! This pairing produced darker golden/red coats with clear genetics. Each of them are now getting spoiled by their new families!

| Bendis & Lily

8 Little Gems - 10/11/2022

Quite possibly the most perfect litter! The sweetest, most laid-back puppies. Bendis & Lily produced their first litter of little babes and the entire litter was even across the board for most outstanding temperament. We are excited to follow each of them through their life's journey. 

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