Our Breeding Program

At Rigdon Retrievers, our goal is to always improve the breed.  Not only do we want our puppies to be beautiful, we also want them to be as healthy as possible.  We strive to do thorough testing and to combine genetics and personalities that are going to yield high quality goldens.  

There are countless hours of time, energy, testing and money that continually goes into our breeding program.  We have specifically chosen each one of our dogs, and prior to breeding, each of them have to pass the appropriate clearances.  Each of our adult goldens are genetic tested and have also completed their OFA clearances and/or PennHip for hips, elbows, eyes & heart.  We always strive to improve the breed and also want each and every individual or family to know the quality of the puppy they are getting.  

Quality does not only mean you are getting a purebred golden.  It also means that you know prior to purchase that your puppy is not going to be affected by many of the common conditions that are now found in golden retrievers, which can be devastating even in younger dogs.  We don't want to leave their health up to chance - we want each of our puppies to be as healthy as possible with a great start to life with their new family.

Applying For A Puppy

Because we love our dogs and their babies, we are selective about which individuals/families they go to.  If you would like to apply for one of our puppies from a current or future litter, please call 606-748-3402 and a copy of our puppy application will be emailed to you.

Available Puppies
Upcoming Litters

We are looking forward to several litters in 2023

To be placed on our wait list for a specific litter please call 606-748-3402.

Lily & Bendis

| Bred via AI - August 2022

Born 10/11/22

Females - 6
Males - 2

We have been waiting patiently for two years to experience the combination of these two remarkable retrievers! 

Lily reigns from Ukraine, while Bendis from Romania.  Their temperaments, genetics, & pedigree will yield high quality pups with well rounded, docile, easy pleasing personalities.  

Lily - Genetically Clear per Embark, PennHip 0.40/0.35

Bendis - PRA1 - clear, PRA2 - clear, MD - clear, ICH - carrier, DM - clear, NCL - clear, PRCD-PRA - clear. PennHip 0.35/0.36

Both sire and dam come from a pedigree of champions and are both outstanding dogs.  Not only would these pups be wonderful pets, they would also be excellent candidates for show or therapy. 

Sylphina & Bendis

Bred 12/27/22 (Due End of February)

We are looking forward to seeing the puppies from these two beautiful goldens! Sylphina and Bendis both have sweet, loving personalities.  Both sire and dam are on site and part of our family. With his big, blocky head and beautiful coat, combined with Sylphina's sweet disposition they will produce beautiful pups! 

Both Sylphina and Bendis have been genetically tested along with receiving their Pennhip scores. Sylphina's PennHip results are 0.32/0.35.  Bendis' Pennhip scores are 0.35/0.36.

The wait list is open for these upcoming babies! If you would like to be placed on the contact list, please let us know! We will begin taking deposits once we have a confirmed pregnancy at the end of January.


A breeding is in the works for Honey's next cycle, which should occur in July 2023.  We are in the planning phase of determining a stud for her. The plan is to pair her with an American golden in hopes of several beautiful medium to dark gold babies! 

Please reach out if you would like to be placed on our contact list.

The Details

If you have any questions concerning our puppies, breeding program, etc., please reach out to us.  We will be happy to answer your questions! 


The cost to reserve a puppy is a non-refundable deposit of $500. The price of puppies varies per litter and reflects multiple factors including the pedigree & genetics.

We do offer a payment plan and we do accept credit card.  Ask for additional details.

Prior to accepting payment we do an interview process to make sure our puppies are only going to wonderful families who are ready for the commitment.  After all... those first few weeks can be pretty exhausting

Waiting List

There is typically a waiting list prior to puppies being born.  At the time of pregnancy confirmation those who are on the waiting list will be contacted in order to have the option of placing a deposit.  We will accept a deposit on the first three female puppies and the first three males, prior to whelping.  

You can have your name added to the waiting list free of charge for any specific litter.

Keep in mind that being placed on the waiting list does not guarantee a puppy.

If you wish to be added to our wait list please call 606-748-3402.


All of our dogs are registered through the AKC.  Each puppy will be sold with limited registration unless arrangements are made otherwise.  

We do provide a written contract to each of our families concerning registration limitations on breeding, spay/neuter, rehoming, etc.  

Puppy Essentials

Your puppy will go home with the following:

~ AKC paperwork

~ Full veterinary exam and vaccination record, with age-appropriate vaccinations and de-worming

~ Microchip

~ Puppy pack containing lots of goodies to get you started

~ Blanket with familiar smells to ease the puppies transition

~ One year health guarantee that puppy will be free from any genetic conditions that are proven to be life threatening.  


We are in continuous contact with all of our puppy families from the time of birth until they are of age to go to their new homes at eight weeks.  This includes messages, videos, phone calls, etc. to ensure that each family is aware of the care their new fur baby is getting.

We also encourage individuals/families to visit us!  Whether you want to come and pick out a puppy or just come to visit, you are welcome.  We do ask that you make an appointment prior.

Becoming a part of our retriever family means that you will have continuous support for many years to come.

Weeks 1 - 8

All of our puppies are well socialized and loved immensely prior to going to their new families.  During those first few weeks of life they will be spending a lot of their time with Mom, as they grow and learn from her. They will also be getting early neurological stimulation from us as well as beginning early training. This includes beginning potty training and rewarding good behaviors.  By week eight the puppies are well on their way to becoming a member of the family!

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