- a little about goldens -

In our opinion, Golden Retrievers are the best of the best when it comes to finding the perfect dog for your family.  They are typically very intelligent, friendly, trustworthy and wonderful with children.  They are very loyal and loving! An adult golden usually weighs between fifty-five and seventy-five pounds.  Their expected lifespan is from ten to twelve years.  Given their overall nature and eager to please attitude, it's no wonder they are ranked one of America's favorite breeds.  

This devoted breed comes in a range of colors from dark to light golden and also a creamy white.  They are generally easy to train and enjoy all playful activities including swimming and fetching.

We pride ourselves on breeding our retrievers to optimize their health and to improve the breed.  We want all of our potential families to know that quality and health are our number one priorities.  Therefore, prior to breeding, all of our dogs are DNA tested to make sure that any potential genetic disorders are not passed on to their offspring.  We also test through OFA for clearances on their hips, elbows, eyes and heart.  Over the years, many people have and still do breed retrievers without knowing any underlying issues.  Backyard breeders are looking to make easy money without investing the time and money into the appropriate health testing. These unethical breeding practices has resulted in many golden retrievers having underlying genetic disease, orthopedic issues, skin sensitivities, etc. which causes increased veterinary bills and even a shortened life span.  When these types of disease or sensitivities are a result of poor genetics, they cannot be cured, meaning you will face veterinary treatment for the course of your retrievers life to help manage those conditions. Our focus is on improving the breed and giving all of our families the ease of knowing their golden will not be affected by any of the common conditions that are found in the breed.

Thank you for visiting our page, we hope that you enjoy and find all the information that you are looking for!  If you have any questions or would like to be put on our waiting list please contact us. 

- Harley -

Harley was our very first retriever and is now eight years old.  He is a dark golden and enjoys lots of freedom! He loves to visit our neighbors and is extremely loyal.

He has become our mascot at The Retreat and thoroughly enjoys all of the visitors and the extra attention he gets!

In 2021 Harley was retired from our breeding program. He sired multiple puppies whom we still enjoy keeping in touch with.



~ Harley ~

- Barbie -

Barbie is a light golden and is four years old.  She   became a part of our family when she was eight weeks old.  She is the most gentle and obedient girl.  She is very mild mannered and loves spending time with her family. 

Barbie's genetic panel is completely clear and she has been fully OFA tested for hips, elbows, heart and eyes. She is CHIC certified and is one beautiful girl! 

~ Barbie ~

- Bendis -

Bendis was welcomed into our family at twelve weeks of age. Over the course of the last two years we have watched him grow into a beautiful fellow! He was imported from Romania and has a beautiful line of champions in his family tree.  He is quite a looker with a temperament that matches! We are so proud to call him ours.  We can't wait to see the beautiful puppies that he produces in the years to come!

Preliminary testing for Bendis has shown wonderful results, with beautiful genetics.  

PennHip results are 0.35/0.36. Genetics: DM - clear, GR-PRA1 - clear, GR-PRA2 - clear, ICH - carrier, MD - clear, NCL-GR - clear, PRCD-PRA - clear

~ Bendis ~

- HONEY - 

Honey is absolutely beautiful! We are looking forward to her first litter in 2023.  She is medium gold in color and has an extremely docile, easy temperament. We are thrilled to have her and her sister, Sylphina. Honey is the apitome of what you think of for a family dog.  She is sweet natured, loves to snuggle, easily trainable and is wonderful with children.  Her family tree is extremely nice and her genetic profile is completely clear of all defects. PennHip results are 0.48/0.58.


Sylphina is a full sister to Honey.  She has the same great genetic profile and a beautiful family tree.  She is a light/medium golden color with a thick wavy coat, and has the cutest spunky personality. Sylphina is extremely lovable, very pretty, and has an energetic, eager to please personality.  We are planning her first litter in early 2023. Her genetic profile is completely clear with a PennHip of 0.32/0.35 


Miss Violet is such a doll!  She is a dark red golden and is slightly smaller framed.  She has a gorgeous little face with eyes that tug at your heart. She loves nothing more than to snuggle on the couch but is always ready to chase and hunt, true to her genetics! Her family tree is stunning and her grandfather has been featured on the cover of several magazines including "Ducks Unlimited" and "Gun Dog".  Her genetic profile is completely clear. We are very excited to have her as a part of our family! She whelped her first litter in summer 2022 and was a phenomenal mom to nine little tots. PennHip results 0.42/0.43.


Pearl is an absolute beauty!  She was imported from Serbia from a wonderful line of english retrievers. Her personality is just the cutest and she is a sweet little ball of fur!  Pearl's genetics are completely clear and her PennHip yielded fantastic results of 0.26/0.27, making her joint health among the top 5% of golden retrievers.  Plans are underway for her to have her first litter in 2023/2024.

- Lily -

Lily is a beautiful cream golden.  She was imported from Ukraine and comes from a line of champions. We are absolutely thrilled to have her as a part of our family! She is extremely loving with a very mild, relaxed temperament. Lily has been a sweetheart from her very first day with us at twelve weeks of age! Her genetic panel is completely clear and her PennHip was measured at 0.40/0.35.  

Bendis x Lily 2022 - On October 11, 2022 Lily gave birth to her very first litter of six girls and two boys. 

- FINN -

This handsome boy came to us all the way from Ukraine from a line of champions. We have high hopes of him becoming a future stud once he passes all of his clearances. His genetics are beautiful and we are excited to see what the future holds for him.  For now, he is enjoying a very spoiled life with lots of play time!                 

~ Emmie ~

Emmie has been a ball of fluffy fun since she arrived to us at eight weeks of age.  Her pedigree is beautiful from a line of champions, her genetics are completely clear, and we sure are blessed to have her!  We hope that she enters into our breeding program once she is of age for all appropriate testing. 

~ Lady ~

Our Lady girl is not only a looker, but she is as sweet as sugar! She came to us from Romania and reigns from a line of champion retrievers.  Her pedigree and genetics are both admirable and we hope she will enter into our breeding program once she has completed all of her testing.

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