Homemade Specialty Treats

In 2021 we launched our own line of specialty dog treats. They are now recognized as Kentucky Proud and Appalachia Proud! They are great for every day or for a special occasion. Our treats are all homemade, natural, with no added preservatives or artificial colors. We offer several different varieties to choose from.  

Each treat has ingredients that are a combination of flavors that your dog will love with nutrients to assist in keeping them healthy.  The ingredients in our treats assist with joint health, organ function, skin and coat health, along with much more. 

Nutritional information is provided with each bag.


Cakes & treats are available for purchase at The Retreat or by special order!

Healthy Ingredients

Our treats contain combinations of healthy ingredients for your dog.  Here's a list of some of the nutritious ingredients that you will find.  If you need help deciding on which treat will be most beneficial for your pup please reach out to us.


~  Turmeric:  Promotes mobility & has anti-inflammatory benefits.

~  Flaxseed:  Eases symptoms of arthritis along with lowering blood pressure, improving kidney function & benefiting the skin & coat.

~  Glucosamine & Chondroitin:  Has anti-inflammatory properties, assists with joint mobility & arthritis.

~  Salmon Oil:  Supports a healthy immune system as well as heart health, cognitive function and is excellent for skin and coat.

~ Carob:  Improves digestive health, lowers cholesterol & is packed full of vitamins

~ We also include fresh fruit and vegetables to optimize nutrition.

Treat Shelf Life & Storage

All of our treats go through a special baking process. Our treat preparation assists in removing excess moisture to extend the shelf life, making our treats healthy without the unwanted preservatives.

Our treats do not have to be refrigerated, but they can be if you prefer. They can also be frozen if you want to keep them fresh for later use or if your pup likes a cold snack.

Shelf life of our regular non-iced treats is six months, shelf life for iced treats (K9 Cookies) is twelve weeks plus.  The shelf life of Sweetcakes is not quite as long, due to the moisture that is needed in order to keep them soft.  Sweetcakes need to be consumed within seven to ten days from the date they are prepared.

Menu &   
Treat Gallery

A Sample Of Our Treats

Gallery includes a copy of our menu along with a few photos of some of our recent treats.  

Orders for treats can be placed at any time.  We do offer seasonal specials and custom orders.


Orders can be placed by calling  606-748-3402 or by clicking on the link below

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