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At The Retreat our primary goals are to provide a fun, interactive, vacation-like experience for all of our visitors, all while maintaining a safe environment where you can rest assured that your dog is getting optimal care.  We desire to be second to none and always provide you and your family with luxury accommodations.

Our facility opened in May of 2021 and we are happy to announce that our 4500+ square foot expansion will be completed in June of 2022!  

Boarding Services

  • Boarding Rates Vary Per Suite and Number of Dogs (See Suite Details Below)
  • Includes Everything that Your Dog Will Need During Their Stay Except Food
  • State of the Art Facility Featuring an All Suite Design
  • Private Indoor & Outdoor Areas
  • Multiple Play Yards to Allow For Group Play & Socialization (See Play Yard Details Below)
  • Water Features Available in Every Play Yard for Swimming, Wading, & Splashing!
  • Shaded Areas in Every Play Yard
  • Lots of Entertainment Inside and Outside of the Kennel & Play Yards
  • Automatic Fresh Water Dispensers in Each Play Yard
  • ADT Security & Cameras
  • Individualized Care from our doggy-loving staff
  • Multiple Add-On Packages and Amenities are Available if Desired (See Package Details Below)

Suite Options

Our all-suite luxury design is not only beautiful, but it offers a safe, home-like feel in the size of your choice to accommodate your dog(s).  All suites come with access to our premium play yards, entertainment, raised and/or luxury bedding & meal time area.  All other amenities per suite are listed below.

6x6 with Villa Access - For the little tots! This suite offers a 6'x6' indoor space with a door leading directly out to a pint sized play yard just for their little legs! Pricing:  1 Dog - $33 per night,  2 Dogs - $58 per night, 3 Dogs - $70 per night

6x6 with Private Outdoor - Offering an indoor and outdoor personal space along with access to one of our premium play yards. The indoor private suite measures 6'x6' and the covered outdoor personal space measures 6'x10'. Pricing:  1 Dog - $33 per night, 2 Dogs - $58 per night, 3 Dogs - $70 per night

8x8 Indoor - A beautiful suite with ample room, this suite is centrally located and includes access to one of our premium play yards. Pricing:  1 Dog - $35 per night, 2 Dogs - $65 per night, 3 Dogs - $80 per night

8x8 with Private Outdoor - Our most popular suite with plenty of room and a covered outdoor personal space. Includes access to one of our premium play yards and features an 8'x8' indoor area along with an 8'x10' covered outdoor space. Pricing:  1 Dog - $40 per night, 2 Dogs - $70 per night, 3 Dogs - $85 per night                                                          

8x10 with Private Outdoor - An upscale suite that includes a large indoor and outdoor personal area, access to one of our premium play yards, luxury bedding, personal television, window, an 8'x10' indoor space along with an 8'x10' covered outdoor area.  Pricing:  1 Dog - $45 per night, 2 Dogs - $80 per night, 3 Dogs - $95 per night

8x12 with Private Outdoor - Our largest suite that boasts multiple amenities.  Features an 8'x12' indoor area along with an 8'x12' covered outdoor area, includes access to one of our premium play yards, luxury bedding, window, personal television, toy box, and one on one video surveillance. Pricing:  1 Dog - $55 per night, 2 Dogs - $95 per night, 3 Dogs - $120 per night

Premium Play Yards

Every boarding reservation includes access to our premium play yards.  Each play yard is designed differently to meet specific needs and provide each dog with a safe, fun, & interactive environment.

The Villa - The pint sized play yard that was designed for our smallest furry friends!  This play yard is positioned in a central location and can be accessed directly from the suites.  Your pupper has front door access from their suite straight out into entertainment.  Features artificial grass, shade, & loads of entertainment.  

The Bungalow - Positioned at the rear side of The Retreat, the Bungalow is our original play yard.  It features a double fence that stands 5' tall and encompasses approximately one acre.  It is complete with a shade pavilion, automatic water dispensers, entertainment, and a 450 gallon pool area.

The High Rise - Designed specifically for the escape artists!  The High Rise is where your worry is erased if you have a pupper that likes to jump or climb. This premium play yard features an 8' tall fence, shaded area, entertainment, automatic water dispensers, and a water area, all with lots of room to run.

The Chalet - Situated at the front of The Retreat, The Chalet play yard offers a large play area, a water feature, shade pavilion, entertainment, and automatic water dispensers, enclosed with a 5' double layer fence.

Additional Packages

 We offer multiple optional packages along with an individual menu of service add-ons.

The Weekender:  Package includes daily text update, take home package of our specialty treats, and one toy.  $25 (pricing for entire stay up to 5 days).  Add $2 per day for text updates for stays over 5 days.

The Cruise:  Includes daily text update, take home package of our specialty treats, one toy, bath and blow dry. $45 (pricing for entire stay up to 7 days).  Add $2 per day for text updates for stays over 7 days.

The Excursion:  Includes daily text update, take home package of our specialty treats, one toy, bath and blow dry, bandana, reusable shopping bag, and unlimited treats throughout stay. $65 (pricing for entire stay up to 7 days).  Add $2 per day for stays over 7 days.

The All Inclusive:  The ultimate vacation package!  Includes daily text update, two packages of our homemade specialty treats, one toy, bath and blow dry with nail trim, two walks, two enrichment sessions, two kong treats, unlimited treats throughout stay, bandana, and reusable shopping bag. $99 (pricing for entire stay up to 10 days).  Add $2 per day for stays over 10 days.

Service Add-Ons

Our menu of a la carte items can be purchased separately or added onto any package.

Enrichment Session:  Enjoy one on one time with fetch, frisbee, find the treat, & more.  Sessions are thirty minutes long and include individual time for your dog!  $15  (per thirty minute session)

Krazy for Kong:  The treat of all treats!  A large Kong stuffed with natural peanut butter or our own specialty treat mix to provide your dog with a tasty treat and lasting entertainment.  $5 (per treat)

Daily Walk:  A twenty to thirty minute walk outside of the kennel area.  Provides your dog with extra one on one attention and exercise. $5 (per walk)

FI Collar:  Track your puppers movement, sleep, steps and more using one of our Fi Collars during their stay with us.  Choose from two options:  collar only and collar with text updates.  $10 (Collar Only; per day),  $13 (Collar & Text Updates; per day)

Bathing, Spa & Grooming:  Let us handle the dirty work after your dog is finished playing! Pricing is based on size and service desired.  Please inquire for pricing for dogs weighing greater than eighty pounds.                                                                                        Exit Bath & Blow Dry:  $20 - $45                                                                                                                                                                                                      Spa Session:  $35 - $65                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Full Groom:  $50 - $95

Full Menu

Click on each photo to view our full menu.

The Retreat - Daycare

Our daycare program offers a wonderful day for your dog!  Along with our staff your dog will get to play all day, enjoy fun activities, socialize with their doggy friends, swim, and do all of the things that dogs love to do! They will come home ready for a nice long nap!

Half Day (4 hours or less):  $15

Full Day (4-12 hours):  $22

5 Day Package ($20 Savings): $90

10 Day Package ($50 Savings): $170

We additionally offer a full day of care to pamper your pup! This includes a half day play date followed by a spa or grooming session before going home.

To participate in daycare, your dog is required to be up to date on all vaccinations. These include:  distemper, rabies, parvo, DHPP, bordetella, canine influenza.  They also must currently be on a program for flea and tick prevention.

Failure to comply to vaccine requirements and/or flea & tick prevention will prohibit your dog from being able to participate.

Boarding & Daycare Requirements

Health and safety are the top priorities at The Retreat.  In order to maintain this environment for all of our clients we do require that every dog be current on vaccinations.  Whether your dog is boarding or participating in daycare you will need to ensure that they are up to date along with providing veterinary records.  They are also required to be on a flea and tick preventative.

Vaccines required include all regular puppy shots (DHPP, Parvo, Rabies, Distemper, etc.) along with Bordetella and Canine Influenza.  

Any client who does not have proper veterinary records that are current, or is not in compliance with our requirements, will not be permitted to stay.  

We do require that a signed agreement be on file with us.  This expresses your understanding of the requirements and also gives us some insight about your particular dog's personality and needs.


Construction is well underway for our expansion!  We can't wait to show you the details of our new state of the art facility!  

Grand Opening Anticipated for June/July 2022

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