Obedience Training

Making Life With Dogs Easier

Let's face it, even dogs need manners! We are here to help with our four week board and train course.  During this course we focus on basic commands and your specific concerns regarding your dogs behavior.

The Details

Like people, all dogs are different.  They each have unique personalities and require different styles of training.  During training you can expect for your dog to spend their days filled with learning, fun, along with lots of treats and praise.  It is a crucial time for you and your dog as he/she develops new skills along with correcting undesired behaviors.

This is a board and train program.  Your dog will be with us for the entirety of the course.  This is a time of change for not only your dog, but for you and your family also.  It is vital that the skills your dog learns are continued at home and that you are comfortable with our training techniques.  To reap the rewards it has to be a team effort.

What you can expect:

  • Top notch care for your dog during their stay.
  • One on one training with a certified trainer.
  • Daily training divided into multiple sessions.
  • Multiple commands such as sit, recall, heel, drop it, etc.
  • Implementation of loose leash walking.
  • Modification of undesired behaviors.
  • Owner training at completion in order to continue skills at home.

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