Once you have a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.
- Dean Koontz

Obedience Training

Making Life With Dogs Easier

Let's face it, even dogs need manners! We are here to help with multiple training options available.  

| Group Classes - We offer small size group classes covering specific topics.  These lessons rotate throughout the year and typically include three to five classes over a period of a few weeks. These classes are budget friendly and give you the instruction you need to get your dog on the path to their best behavior. Frequent training topics include loose leash walking, puppy kindergarten, recall & basic obedience.

| Private Lessons - Private lessons are great for owners looking to correct specific behaviors and/or with dogs who need a little more one on one attention.  These lessons can be as many or as few as you would like and includes an evaluation to discuss your expectations prior to beginning. We do recommend scheduling a minimum of three sessions to instill new behaviors and ensure that skills are learned correctly. 

| Day Training - Choose between Puppy Academy & Dog College to advance your dog's skills.  Day training combines three days per week of training with time at home for owners to begin working on lessons learned.  Puppy Academy is from 8:00am - 4:00pm three days per week for two consecutive weeks.  Dog College is from 8:00am - 4:00pm three days per week for three consecutive weeks.

| Board & Train - This style of training is great for dogs who need a little more work to get them where they need to be or for owners who simply don't have the time to commit to traveling for training. Board and Train is our most intensive training program and is great accelerator for learning.  Our program has the option of choosing either three or four weeks of training. The focus throughout the program is to use positive reinforcement to correct undesired behaviors along with teaching new lessons.  It includes a free consultation, at which time the owner and trainer discuss concerns and expectations. Upon completion of training, it also includes three at-home sessions for the owner to learn how to continue and maintain the learned behaviors and skills at home. 

The Details

Like people, all dogs are different.  They each have unique personalities and require different styles of training. The style of training you choose should be based on what is going to work the best for your dog's personality and temperament. Tailoring to your dog's individual needs will assist you both in the learning process and allow you to heed the most benefits from training.

If you are looking to cover a specific topic and your dog's personality is less reactive, then group classes may be the way to go! If you have more specific training requests and need to cover several topics, or if your dog doesn't do as well in a group setting, then private lessons or day training may be your choice. The board and train program digs a little deeper than the other options to work on corrective behaviors and covers a wider range of lessons, it can be tailored to your dog's needs. The board and train program does include a free consultation to meet with you and your dog to discuss what is needed, temperament, and expected outcomes. 

This is a time of change for not only your dog, but for you and your family also.  It is vital that the skills your dog learns are continued at home and that you are comfortable with our training techniques.  To reap the rewards, it has to be a team effort.

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