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Welcome to
Rigdon Retrievers & The Retreat
When Quality Matters For Your Pet

Luxury Dog Boarding
 Daycare & Spa
Homemade Specialty Treats
AKC American & Cream Golden Retrievers

The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.
- Psalms 145:9

| Upcoming Events

Join us for all the furry fun!

2/1 - 2/28: Your pupper will enjoy every morsel of our monthly special!

2/28: Bendis & Sylphina Golden Puppies Due!

2/6 - 2/14: Valentine Treat Special Pre-Orders Available for Pickup!

2/23: National Dog Biscuit Day! 

3/4: Group Training Classes Begin! Puppy Kindergarten & Basic Obedience

3/1 - 3/31 - Monthly Special = Package Discounts!

3/23 - National Puppy Day!

Details of all events can be viewed on our facebook page or on the Events tab!

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